The Bachelor’s Party

A couple of years passed in my career as an escort in the city of London. I somehow got used to the environment that prevailed around the escort business in the UK. I wasn’t the naive 20 year old, looking out for things as they are. I had undergone innumerable changes, mentally as well as physical. I had started to hit the gym since physical appearance is really important in my profession. My ass was now thicker and so were my thighs. I had been working on my flexibility. Nonetheless, I made sure that my clients are satisfied with my service.

I would like to narrate an incident that I shall never erase from my memory. Mr Kinley, my loyal companion and manager, fetched me a client’s appointment. The appointment was fixed by someone who wanted my presence at his friend’s Bachelor’s party. I had a talk with someone who identified himself as Aiver, and I informed him that I am an escort and not just a stripper. But he was convinced that he wanted an escort and not a stripper. I accepted the offer since the sum of money was attractive.

It was a Friday evening and I reached the location address sharp at seven in the evening. And I was expected to not reveal it to anyone that I was an escort, instead I had to pretend to be a stripper. The party was in full swing by the time I reached. I was welcome at the party and initially, I began stripping to ease the tension amidst the boys. I knew the gazes in the hall were fixed on my body and I swirled around, slowly removing every ounce of clothing, until I was wearing nothing but my undergarment. I heard a voice asking me to perform a lap dance for the groom. I proceeded to do as I was told and in no time, I was rubbing my ass against his thighs. I could feel his erection poke against my butt while he touched me in places and the rest of them watched. He pulled me by my underwear and I knelt down, slowly unzipping his pants. I licked the tip of his cock before shoving it into my mouth. I sucked on it for a long time until I felt a few unfamiliar hands on my body and I knew I had to satisfy more than one person tonight.

Soon, I was sucking a couple of dicks while I rode on one. Several hands groped my big tits, while some others rubbed my clitoris. I rode from one dick to another in the room, blowing cocks and swallowing their juices. I got my body scratched and pressed against the wall while someone fucked my brains out and the rest of them watched in contentment until I came. I knelt down and started to suck on cocks again and they came all over my face and breasts. Finally, the party came to an end and I was paid for my service. This time, both the parties were contended with the actions before the wedding.