Swinging Fun

The best nights out are the ones where you have to wait to be told the venue. London holds mystery whether you are going somewhere as mainstream as Chelsea or somewhere lesser known for its nightlife like Sloane Square. My clients live in the more popular areas of the city and I do like to travel around the capital and see how they live in the uber posh Belgravia or even my neighbours in kensington. Not only do my clients live in some gorgeous places, they know some gorgeous people and Franc is someone who likes to mix quite literally with those gorgeous others.

So, back to my date in a venue just given out as ‘TBC’. Franc told me the genre and I love fetish parties with a twist, it got me as excited just as the first time Franc ever saw his favourite escort in leather with my hair in pigtails. The beauty of the fetish with a twist is to understand that it’s not all dungeons and underground madness; it’s about following the correct etiquette and thoughtful respect for what you are taking part in.

Some of Franc’s friends hold themed parties in their fantastically trendy Kensington apartments and he has taken me along a few times just to get into the swing of things before we hit public gatherings. The good thing about being an open minded 24 hour escort is that nothing fazes me and just as well seeing that it’s most certainly a case of ‘what happens in private(s), stays private’. Sounds like my personal elite escort oath…other than sharing my tales of debauchery with you.

Hedonism is, I think, ironically derived from a very playful word meaning “delight”. Believing that you should benefit from anything delightful and pursue pleasure to its fullest is what it’s all about in the wonderful world of anything goes. What an utterly fabulous way to express yourself as well. I always look forward to pencilling Franc in.

So, should I mix leather and pearls or latex and diamonds? I know… I may just mix Franc and his friend Ray.