Doing my research

As spring is here (well sometimes it looks as though it is), the days are getting longer, the sun is peeking through and people in general seem happier. My beautiful apartment looks out to see hoards of people in their gorgeous attire heading for Saville Row and Bond Street for the newest season trends and on most days I am heading along with them. Oh how I love to walk down the best shopping areas in the search of expanding my already brimming wardrobe.

Of course it’s not all for my personal pleasure (that’s what I have to keep reminding my bank balance). Being a model and having the figure to pull off most fashions, I do have to keep current for my clientele. When most of my clients are very wealthy and powerful businessmen, they do know what is up to date and what isn’t so they do know if an escort in London is bang on trend or not.

You may think this is tiring and time consuming being a 24 hour escort…oh no it isn’t. It certainly is no hassle to go to the hairdressers on a weekly basis to keep my brunette locks looking lush, nor is it a real dilemma to visit my beauty therapist once every two weeks for the essential waxing, plucking and the like. So what if my spare time is focused on looking fantastic or checking out the hippest London restaurants, bars and clubs. I would put the same amount of dedication into any job I do.

Today, I am taking Aswad for afternoon tea in the Savoy Hotel. Being of African descent and not a frequent traveller to the UK, Aswad told me of his desire to really get a taste of London (the city, not me…until later) so as cliché as it sounds, I am all for taking him to see London my way; afternoon tea, chauffer driven round the best sights and then back to my fabulous apartment to treat him to a real London delight.

Aswad did tell me that despite his original origins, in no way did he want to hold back on his escort experience and I was to give him exactly what his money was paying for. Being a very wealthy businessman, I did want to give him a great time and a blooming classy one too! So with my motto being “always give the client what they want…and then some”, I did go out of my way to purchasing the finest lingerie and clothes for this gorgeous man’s arrival.

It’s not what you think. It’s not excessive or unnecessary shopping…it’s all in the name of research isn’t it?

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