Dedication is what you need

When you have regular clients who need to re-book you for specific functions, you have to keep on your toes and bring change into the ‘relationship’ more than ever. I always attend Scott’s work/family/social arrangements as his girlfriend but to keep the booking I have to keep him interested just as you would in an actual relationship. This is why I’m single. These things are hard work.

Scott is a 40 something gazillionaire who loves to keep up appearances. He lets his staff run his hotel empire and just reaps the rewards by holidaying on his private island, lounging in his luxury mansion in Hampstead and shopping in New York for the afternoon. He uses me as his long-term girlfriend stand in. In reality he has no interest in making a relationship with someone he doesn’t know and whom may only be after his money. In my mind its classic real commitment issues but what do I know? I’m an escort, not a psychologist! So, he takes me to work functions, family weddings, press nights; the works but he also takes me shopping to cater to such arrangements and that’s why to keep this gig I need to up my game.

As you know I’m a very proud brunette but when he mentions that he finds a particular blonde celebrity attractive, I crack out my favourite Barbie wig and act out any fantasy he wants. He loves the fact that he doesn’t even have to ask. Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time with a client, you do pick up on certain things. Whether they like olives, whether they prefer Gucci to Dior, whether they book a hotel more in Mayfair than in Knightsbridge and whether they respond in pleasure at being tickled just under the…

With Scott we have a great partnership. I have even wrapped his very protective Mother round my little finger. Little does she know that boy is having a faux relationship with a top London escort! We have learned to walk in time with one another, laugh at the same things and finish each other’s sentences. We have clearly been on many dinner and drink dates to get to know each other in such a way.

What can I say, I’m a dedicated woman.