Cable Street Squad’s Millie Tipperton confesses she pays escorts for a face-to-face chat

The star of the new BBC drama Cable Street Squad is confessing that she pays escort girls for a chat and no sex

Millie Tipperton, 35, who plays Detective Constable Frankie Cunningham in the cult police drama, is so lonely at times that she pays a prostitute for a face-to-face chat.

The actress, who first got onto the television after being discovered in Ealing, west London, said: ‘I’ve just paid an escort for a chat and nothing else. It’s a good service. I’ve enjoyed it, it was a bit cold and the guy was talking about women’s breasts. So it was a kind of intimate thing.’

Tipperton, who has a newborn baby girl with her writer boyfriend Billy Sullivan, admits that she also makes use of personal shoppers at the cosmetic surgery clinic where she’s been a member for nearly a decade.

In February this year she told how she had visited the surgery – dubbed the Priory of Pangea – on the advice of her parents, following the death of her 22-year-old brother to an undiagnosed liver condition.

‘I do really love going there, and after the [die-hard Doctor Who] series my mother kept telling me to do a Doctor Who exhibition. They’re huge fans and when you’re that age you’re looking for inspiration.’

She has also resorted to the services of makeup artists.

‘I love the make-up team. I’ve worked with a lot of them on Girlfriends, and I don’t like it when people spurn the services of a professional, especially when they are giving you advice about health and beauty,’ she said.

Meanwhile Tipperton has confessed that she has her first taste of acting for prime time television through ITV1 drama Shooting Stars, which runs for three nights each week from Monday

Tipperton, who previously appeared in ITV1’s Victoria, insisted: ‘TV does suit me. I’m very physically versatile.’

It’s the second adaptation of Michael Oscar’s collection of television comedy sketches, which was last performed in the West End in 2004.

Last night an ITV spokeswoman said: ‘There are no plans to do a Shooting Stars revival.’

The new version is written by Martin Clarke, who penned the recent ITV1 drama Saxton House.

The cast for the new series includes Jenna Bronson (star of Doctor Who), Robert Lindurst (Father Brown), Chris Baldwin (All Rise), Kevin Ingleby (Motherland), Shaz Panthaki (Game Of Thrones), Peter Pasquale (Streetmate), Laura Spencer (Made In Chelsea), Polly Hunter.