Beauty and Brains

One of the things I love about my job is the wide variety of men I meet.

It’s not all about the looks. It’s not always about the clothes or money. It’s sometimes about the brains and a lot of the time, that is attractive in itself.

I enjoy talking politics or the current economic crisis to exercise my brain. Some clients want to have dinner and drinks and discuss current affairs or business with the company of their chosen London escorts. Model looks and designer dresses couldn’t be further from their minds when they take me for a fantastic meal at one of London’s finest eateries. It’s only when we return to their luxury apartments or hotel suites that they want the topic of conversation to switch from intellect to innuendo.

It’s not so much a challenge for me to discuss the worries of the world. I’m an intelligent woman and it’s very rare that I don’t keep up to date with the news to understand what the world is up to of late so this evenings date with Patrick for dinner and a trip to the theatre will be a fabulous evening of canny discussions and topical debates. Patrick doesn’t want a cheap escort which is why he chooses me.

Patrick, although largely intelligent and prone to the occasional heated exchange is very witty and great company. He does like me to look as model perfect as I can with feminine beauty and subtle girly flirting but also to give him a genuine, unscripted run for his money.

Patrick is a shrewd and successful business man. He is a multi-millionaire and is only based in London once or twice every 6 months due to his unbelievably busy schedule; flying to Hong Kong and Dubai at a moment’s notice to expand his ever growing empire. But when he is lucky enough to have some “me-time”, he never forgets to give me a call to relax. Even if he requests my company to go shopping or to have lunch, we always end up in a friendly debate but always manage to put those differences to the side when we come together to be very agreeable in his beautiful London home.

So for me, it’s not about the classic Chanel separates and hair tied in a bun, glasses on the end of my nose ensemble, to look intelligent. I know I can dress to impress and still hold my own in a mind battle.

I am acutely aware of my model looks to wow my date, but when it’s required. I have the capability to be very attractive with what’s inside my perfectly plucked, dyed and made up head too.